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The Azov Cable Company was founded in 2000 and mainly specializes in cable and wire development and manufacturing for applications with advanced fire safety requirements and highest requirements to operation conditions such as nuclear power stations, offshore objects, including offshore drilling ice-resistant platforms and offshore ice-resistant off-loading terminals, surface and under-water vessels, underground railway systems, iron- and steel plants, machine-building industry, seaports, mines, aerospace industry, railway industry and a lot more. Our products are operated in different climatic conditions from Far North to tropics.

Our production facility allows to produce about 11.000 km of cables and wires in a wide range of cross-sections, in rubber and plastic constructions and about 800 tons of insulating and sheathing rubber compounds per year. The company produces mud-, cold- and high-temperature resistant, incombustible, halogen-free rubber mixtures. A unique technology of radiation treatment modifies thermoplastic, polymeric materials of cable insulation and sheath meeting the highest requirements.


SMM - the leading international maritime trade fair 4 – 7 sept 2018 | hamburg

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UDT - Undersea Defence Technology

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DNV-GL ISO renewed

In August DNV-GL ISO 9001:2015 was successfully renewed to "Azov Cable Company" LLC Berdyansk, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine.

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DNV-GL certificate

DNV-GL certificate was issued to "Azov Cable Company" LLC Berdyansk, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine Is found to comply with DNV GL rules for classification – Ships, offshore units, and high speed and light craft. 

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ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) type approval certificate

For a selection of our standard shipbuilding cables AZOV CC has received ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) type approval certificate.  

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Cables for all marine, deep sea and offshore applications with various types of ship water-blocked pressurized cables, load carrying marine cables for towed marine objects, naval applications and special flame-retardant products for hazardous areas. 


Special purpose cables for oil & gas rigs with highest demands to properties from water blocking, high structural strength/ radial pressure, function maintaining in case of emergencies to high/ low operating temperatures. 

Special Applications

Air- and spacecraft cable with highest technological demands for high-duty objects. 

Power Plants

All types of heat-, flame- and radiation resistant cables for highest industrial demands. Power, control, signalling and communication cables in insulation and sheath of halogen-free polymeric compositions. 


Latest technologies, developed by specialist of our Research Institute and AZOV CC, provided production of a wide range of ship and pressurized, waterproof cables in rubber and plastic construction, as well as marine, load carrying, explosion proof, products for sub-marine operation, port cranes and other tailor-made products.
Special attention is paid to production of ship cables with improved fire safety parameters like flame retardance, low smoke emission, halogen-free and fire resistance. More than 15 years of experience of trouble-free operation of our products at different high-duty projects showed the high standard of manufacture. In the last couple of years the company specialized in cables with unique properties, such as pressurized, water-proof, twisted pair cat. 5, fire-resistant cables, a new generation of halogen-free and flame retardant cables used within manifold industrial, marine, aerospace and military applications.

  • High admissible current load. (Due to the cable insulation and sheath of modern cross-linked polymeric materials)
  • Increased service life and operating time up to 40 years
  • High cable resistance to the influence of industrial oils diesel fuels and driling muds
  • A reliable noninterference of the cables due to the stranding of insulated conductors in groups and to the individual and collective screening
  • Flame retardant at bunched laying
  • Low smoke emission
  • Halogen-free
  • Advanced fire safety
  • Operability under the condition of naked flame of temperature (800±50)0С within not less than 180 minutes
  • Advanced mechanical strength
  • Operability under the temperature up to minus 60°С


Ship halogen-free and fire-resistant cables
Water-proof cables for the high-frequency communication



From February 2017 AZOV Cable Company started its European representation with Christian Bobrich, who is based in Germany. With the new operation AZOV is able to be close to the European market and develop international business with special concentration on commercial marine, ship building, offshore, wind energy, related industries and distribution.
A long-term experience in international business development for several industrial areas and especially commercial marine business will be the basis to establish the necessary network to develop the AZOV operation. As Business Development Manager for an international leader in Marine Electronics Bobrich managed to successfully develop the Eastern European, especially Russian market within the past 5 years.

Chief Representative Europe AZOV Cable Company
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